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Prayer Breaks Intimidation

Nehemiah 6:14(NIV) “Remember Tobiah and Sanballat, my God, because of what they have done; remember also the prophet Noadiah and how she and the rest of the prophets have been trying to intimidate me."

Discernment is vital for a leader. As leaders, we get advice and counsel from various quarters. It’s in our discretion whether to act as per the counsel. Many make the mistake of believing and acting on wrong advice. An effective leader should not respond to everything that comes his way. He should choose what should be an issue and what’s not. Many come in the garb of being close associates with wrong motives and try to deviate us from the plans of God. A leader should be circumspect of this. If a message or counsel intimidates you, choose to ignore and talk to God about it. If it slows you down, stagnates or deviates you from God’s agenda, ignore it. Nehemiah faced this and he took it to the Lord in prayer. Prayer is everything for a man of God who is a leader. Tobiah and Sanballat tried their maximum to deviate Nehemiah from his destiny. Nehemiah was bent on building the walls that were burnt by the enemy and was persuaded to reinstate the lost glory to the people, who were hostages of fear, shame and guilt. This path, however, was a path of trials and unprecedented challenges.

There was also a prophet called Noadiah who led from the front in intimidating Nehemiah. Make no mistake, not everyone who calls them as a prophet is from the Lord. We need to discern them by their fruits. Any message which is not edifying is not from God. The enemy's strategy is to push the people of God into fear and thereby strip them of their spiritual authority. When we land in the realm of fear, the devil tries very hard to intimidate us further to push us into depression. Remember Christ has given us His authority. We are called to expel demons and not the other way round. Nehemiah, whenever was attacked by the messages of intimidation, switched on to the prayer mode. A man of prayer is never a man of fear. When we pray, we hear God's Word and the Word of God produces faith inside of us. Faith and fear cannot dwell together. Break every intimidating thought by spending time in prayer. Prayer breaks intimidation!