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Security Mechanisms for the Mouth and Tongue

We have security systems in place to guard our possessions. We deposit money and valuables in the bank. We guard our homes using different mechanisms. Yet we forget that we should install high security mechanisms for the usage of words from our mouths. Words make or break. Words bring positivity and encouragement or it can bring negativity and discouragement. In the Bible we see a great focus on the words spoken by individuals and that determined their destiny.

Adam blamed Eve for the costly lapse of sin. Cain evaded the responsibility of being in charge of his brother. Enosh called on the name of the Lord. Abraham gave God the glory being fully persuaded that God would give him a child. Jacob was persistent in getting the blessings of God. Moses spoke on behalf of God to a nation in slavery and to the Pharaoh.

Caleb and Joshua spoke words of faith to inherit the promised land and they inherited it. Job spoke words of trust and He was restored.

Now notice the difference in the destiny. The people who spoke words of faith and trust in God were blessed. The others who did not trust God could not make it to their destinies God had for them.

Your words are the direction where your future goes. Today trust in Him. Speak words out of that relationship you have with God and the sovereignty of God.

Never shoot an unplanned word. Evaluate, introspect, think for a moment what that word can take the hearer. Is it a word of doubt or faith? Is it a healing word or hurting word? Does it build or break?

“Whoever keeps his mouth and his tongue keeps himself out of trouble.” (Proverbs 21:23)