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Bringing Cities to the Lord

Every city has its own uniqueness. The economic and political atmosphere determines the prosperity and peace of a city. People migrate from villages to cities due to more employment prospects and opportunities. The amenities and facilities in a city makes it more attractive for people to live in. By 2050, 2/3rd of the world population would live in cities. Hence it's very vital to provide sound spiritual atmosphere to the people who come to live in cities. Many cities are in the grip of terrible social issues. Drug and substance abuse is a big threat to the youngsters specially living in a city. They harm themselves and others. As people of God we should be responsible over the cities, God has placed us.

How can we bring the cities to the Lord?

1. Have compassion over the situations and those affected. Our Lord Jesus had compassion over the cities He ministered to. He desired to gather them as a hen gathers her chicken. We should never lose this attitude of having compassion over the cities for the work of the Lord.

2. Identify the socio-economic problems that threaten the city . We should never be unaware of the social issues threatening the healthy lifestyle in a city. Take a look around. See the perishing souls and rise up to take victory.

3. Create awareness of the issues plaguing the city among your friends. Evaluate, discuss and arrive at the right problem solving mechanisms in accordance to the scriptures.

4. Have a powerful burden and passion to see the Kingdom of God reign over these issues. Nothing is impossible with the Lord and He can work in the toughest of places and make rough and crooked paths straight.

5. Pray and claim the city for the Lord. A prayer momentum will disrupt the work of the enemy and prosper the work of the Lord.

6. Never give up in pursuit of the cities. It might take time and effort but our labor in the Lord will never be in vain. Oppositions should not deter us. Be brave and sold out for the Lord.

7. Be responsible and accountable for your city. Give all possible support to the work of God done in different means. Lend your aid, roll up your sleeves. Onward Christian Soldiers…..

“A wise man scales the city of the mighty and brings down the stronghold in which they trust.” (Proverbs 21:22)