IPA Shelter House

Consistency in our walk with the Lord

"But when the morning was now come, Jesus stood on the shore: but the disciples knew not that it was Jesus." (John 21:4)

Consistency in life is very vital in our walk with God. When we accepted the Lord Jesus as our Savior, our lives were so full of passion and love for Him. We seemed to be on a mission for the Lord, but sadly as we moved into the busy ways of life we lost the plot. Our work schedules and timelines have eaten our time with the Lord. Like the disciples who went back fishing after they saw the resurrected Lord, our life too has deteriorated into a web of complacency and selfishness. We forget our blessed experiences with the Lord and backslide into the sea which we left ,when we followed our Lord. Our God of mercies didn't give up on those disciples. The disciples who went back fishing had a tough night.They caught nothing and they were frustrated.

Our Lord Jesus however stood on the shore in the early hours of the day, but sadly the disciples could not recognise Him. He asked them ,"Children, do you have any fish?" He didn't threaten them or insult them. He who knows the frailty of human beings called out to them addressing them as "children". Today are you away from the Lord? Is your walk with the Lord inconsistent with what you have learnt and believed? He is calling out your name and addressing you as His child. He knows our frame and understands that we are dust. He is seeking to restore you back to His fold. He desires to give you a new vision and direction. Let's get back to our Lord and run our race with consistency and

For further reading: Revelation 2:2-7, 2 Timothy 3:14-17