IPA Shelter House


We as a family of God's children endeavour to spread the comforting warmth of God's love, and reach out to positively touch lives of people. We welcome you to be part of this vibrant community that seeks to honor God with a lifestyle of worship and adoration, committed to the Word of God. We believe in interceding for one another in fervent prayer, brotherly fellowship and passionate evangelism.

Join with us during our weekend services and experience how the transforming power of the our
Lord and Savior Jesus Christ could equip you the face the challenges of daily life.

Services at Shelter House Church

Hindi Service -

Tamil Service - Every Sunday at 08:30 hrs

English Service - Every Sunday at 10:30 hrs

Kids Sunday School - Every Sunday at 09:00 hrs


Faith and Gifts of Healing - Spiritual Gifts (4)

"to another faith by the same Spirit, to another gifts of healing by the one Spirit," (1 Corinthians 12:9)


Faith comes by the hearing of God’s word. Those moments we are strongly impressed in our heart to trust in God no matter how difficult the situations are. The Holy Spirit works on the word of God producing a strong impacting faith. Our Lord looks for this faith to work on our behalf. How important it is to understand that this faith comes as a result of the work of the Holy Spirit. We cannot produce faith on our own. When we see the Lord Jesus and His glory, this faith is imparted into our lives by the Holy Spirit. This faith has the power to move the mountains.


Another gift of the same kind is the gifts of healing. People who operate in this gift have powerful faith and they also impart the healing virtue of God to those who would require a miracle in their life. They operate in the name of the Lord Jesus and sicknesses flee. In a powerful environment of faith, the gifts of healing operate the best. Thus the Holy Spirit distributes the gift as He purposes. Often we see the Holy Spirit distributing these gifts as per the kingdom agenda. God empowers His labourers with these gifts and send them to the harvest. These days we see a manipulation of these gifts. Often the people who profess to have this gift send the crowd into a frenzy by doing a lot of dramatics and theatrics that profane the name of the Lord. This gift is given for common good so that the name of the Lord Jesus would be glorified and magnified.


For further reading: Acts 3:6-10 James 5:14-16

You're important to God, and because of that we acknowledge you are spiritually indispensable at Shelter House. We believe that God is concerned about your salvation while he also wants to meet your needs and reveal His promises to you. So whatever your concerns may be — we want to be there to pray for you!




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